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Autumnal Equinox Google doodle welcomes first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere

Today marks the first day of autumn for the Northern Hemisphere, and Google is noting it with an animated doodle on its home page in the US and its international home pages across the Northern Hemisphere.

“Today is the first day of fall, also known as the equinox — when the length of night and the day are nearly equal. It’s also the beginning of the cooler temps that will be with us until spring comes around,” writes the doodle team on Google’s Doodle blog.

The animated image leads to a search for “Autumnal Equinox” and includes the usual sharing icon so that you can post the image on your social feeds.

2016 First Day of Fall Google Doodle


The artwork used for the doodle — rocks surrounding a tree with falling leaves — mirrors the image used earlier this year during the Vernal Equinox. Instead of watching leaves fall, the rocks looked upon a tree as it bloomed.

2016 First Day of Spring Google Doodle


Right now, a limited number of countries in the Southern Hemisphere — Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru — will see the same spring-themed doodle on their Google home pages today, marking the first day of spring below the equator.