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El Santo Google doodle honors Mexican wrestler Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta

Following its doodle to mark the first day of fall, Google has replaced its logo again today with a doodle to honor Mexican wrestler Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta on what would have been the luchador’s 99th birthday.

Known as El Santo in the ring, Huerta is credited with making the Mexican sport of lucha libre wrestling so popular.

“More commonly known as ‘El Santo’ (The Saint), this legendary, silver-masked luchador wrestled for nearly five decades and is remembered as one of the greatest sports figures in Mexican history,” reports the Google Doodle Blog.

Google says the wrestler kept his famous silver mask on throughout his career to hide his identity, removing it only once during an appearance on the Mexican talk show Contrapunto. He would die five days later at the age of 67, on February 5, 1984.

The doodle includes a slide show of the following images honoring the silver-masked wrestler and links to “El Santo” search results.


Google is displaying the doodle on its US home page, as well as on home pages across Central America and most countries in South America, along with a handful of other international pages.