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Foursquare Updates Android & iOS App With New “Super-Specific” Search Filters

Foursquare has added new search filters that allow Android and iOS users to make “super-specific” searches, filtering by price, locations where users have or haven’t checked in before, locations ‘friends have checked in’, if a location is ‘open now’, and if a location is ‘offering specials’.

To demonstrate how specific users can be when searching for local destinations, Foursquare offered the following five search examples on their blog this week:

  • “A cheap sushi place that’s nearby and open now, but that I haven’t been to yet.”
  • “A bar downtown that’s new to me, but that my friends have been to. Oh, and that has margaritas.”
  • “A Moroccan restaurant that has tagine on the menu, but isn’t going to empty my bank account.”
  • “One of the museums in Paris that my friend Matt went to last year, that’s also near my hotel.”
  • “A burrito place I’ve been meaning to try (it’s on my to-do list) in San Francisco, that’s in The Mission and open right now.”


There is still the ‘Best Nearby’ button that users can tap to see what local places Foursquare recommends.